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      Article no.: 615000

      Double-ended ring spanner, deeply cranked 6X7 mm

      Brand: Stahlwille
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      Double-ended ring spanner, deeply cranked 6X7 mm

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      Drop forged. With close tolerance jaw widths.
      STAHLWILLE − with easy grip fluted shaft. Optimum flex resistance, good torque transmission. Ring end with AS drive profile.


      DIN 838 / ISO 3318


      STAHLWILLE − Chrome alloy steel, non-flaking chrome-plated over nickel; smoothed finish surface.


      • Bolts are gripped on the flanks. − The bolts are protected. Longer bolt life.
      • Larger contact surfaces between bolt and tool. − Secure grip and higher torque transmission.

      AS drive − the special profile. An extremely accurately fitting profile - developed for aviation and aerospace. All GARANT and STAHLWILLE tools are equipped with this profile − recognisable by the AS drive mark.