Article no.: 083094 500
Brand: CRC
Labelling of hazardous substances GHS07 Caution
Labelling of hazardous substances GHS02 flammable

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Transparent waxy anti-corrosion agent for mould tools and metal surfaces of all kinds. Long-term protection for storage and transport.
  • Ideal for long-term protection of mould tools and metal components.
  • For protection of mould tools for plastic injection moulding, even when stored for long periods.
  • Protects machine parts against aggressive chemicals such as can arise during the transformation of PVC.
  • Transparent waxy anti-corrosion protective film with high coverage.
  • Displaces moisture from metal surfaces.
  • Does not harden, does not drip and can easily be removed again.
  • Silicone-free.


  • Apply a thin even film to the clean dry mould.
  • For sustained protective effect, repeat the process.
  • It is recommended that mould tools should be degreased before installation.
  • Refer to the current safety data sheet (SDB) for safety instructions.

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