More productive due to high savings potential

H&M Produktionstechnik GmbH is a sub-contractor for rotationally symmetrical and cubic machining of highly complex components. H&M specialises in producing complex components in as short a time as possible made from all kinds of materials up to a workpiece weight of two tonnes with a very high level of dimensional accuracy. This involves the use of the latest machinery plus tools and fixtures. The Villingen-Schwenningen-based company has 22 employees operating over three shifts. The turnover in 2017 was EUR 2.6 million.

The Swabian firm was founded in 1995 and acquired and modernised in 2015 by the current managing directors Konstantin Nekrasevic and Dietrich Graf. It serves customers across Germany operating in drive technology, the automotive industry, construction machinery, the energy sector, hydraulic drives and passenger transportation. In the medium term, H&M is planning a new building in order to secure more customers within the fields of drive technology and commercial vehicles. H&M Produktionstechnik GmbH has relied on the GARANT ZeroClamp zero point clamping system from the Hoffmann Group since the start of 2016. It is used to clamp all kinds of materials, from aluminium to highly tempered steels. The added value comes from the high precision, a time saving of almost 50% and an around ten-percent increase in productivity.

“In 2015, we were seeking greater flexibility for our set-up processes and quickly agreed that we could achieve that with a zero point clamping system (ZPCS) and significantly reduce unnecessary machinery down-time,” recalls Konstantin Nekrasevic. “We obtained several quotations for corresponding systems, but the high level of advisory competence exhibited by the application engineer from the Hoffmann Group – a long-standing supplier of ours – led us to opt for their product, the GARANT ZeroClamp. Its versatility and flexibility were also plus points in making this investment.” H&M was quick to place the order, and the clamping system has now been up and running since the start of 2016 so – depending on customer orders – it is used several times a week on two plants. It is used to clamp all kinds of materials, from aluminium to highly tempered steels.

Ten-percent gain in productivity thanks to reduced setup times

After a good two years in use, the verdict is more than positive: H&M has achieved an increase in productivity of around ten percent, with the time saved as much as around 50 percent. “Our aim with the clamping system was to cut setup times significantly and to enable the flexible production of more variants on the plant,” summarises Dietrich Graf. “Fortunately, we have man-aged to achieve this. The increase in productivity and reduction in machinery downtime have also resulted in associated cost benefits within production.”

“In future, we will equip all new plants with ZeroClamp and would recommend this product every time,” That is the conclusion of both managing directors. “The system has no hydraulic oil and thus no leakage. It is sealed, low-maintenance and unaffected by chips. It is also easy to use and thus provides a high level of process reliability. The clamping system generates considerable savings potential and the price-performance ratio is impressive.”


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