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Tool24 System

Automated issuing of C-articles and management of rental equipment simplified

17 Mar 2020

With the new software version, multiple individual GARANT Tool24 systems can be managed centrally. The control software can be accessed directly at a GARANT Tool24 cabinet, or conveniently from a workstation or mobile tablet. This makes management significantly easier. In addition, new enquiry facilities such as “rental items”, “quarantined items in the system”, “items without an assigned stock bin” and a “best and worst sellers list” have been incorporated in the system. CSV export permits this information to be exported at the touch of a button, either in report format or converted to Excel format for further processing. In addition, the Hoffmann Group has simplified the process for importing large amounts of data.

With GARANT Tool24 software, tools, consumables and personal protective equipment can be efficiently managed and their whereabouts transparently traced at user and cost centre level. For companies that want to partially or fully automate the complete reordering process, the system also provides an interface to the management software or ERP system. If reorder levels are breached the system either automatically sends a message to the purchasing department or places an order on the regular supplier, depending on the configuration.

GARANT Tool24 tool issuing cabinets are available as the classic drawer cabinet (Smartline), upright cabinet, individual issuing cabinet (PickOne) or locker with particularly large compartments. All cabinets can be arranged as required and combined to form a complete system.

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