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      Item no.: 081194

      Cable reel 250 V

      Brand: Hedi
      impact-resistant and splash-proof Category 2 (K2) to BGI
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      Cable reel 250 V

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      Cable reel with guided automatic draw-in and roll-up, with multiple stop points per revolution. High-impact enclosed plastic housing. Thermal overload cut-out, sturdy H07RN-F neoprene cable with connection point.
      Easy to mount on the wall or ceiling with 150° pivoting range.


      Improved ergonomics by relieving cable tension, and for ensuring tidiness and avoiding the risk of accidents and injuries due to cables lying on the ground.


      For spring return hose roll-up drums see No. 080072, 080074 and 080076.

      Technical Data

      AC supply voltage
      250 V
      impact-resistant and splash-proof
      Category 2 (K2) to BGI