GARANT fleece tools

Are you looking for the right tool for the final abrasive pass over your workpieces?

Then you will be sure to find it in the new product family of our GARANT fleece tools! The family offers you high-quality fleece finishing products for a very wide range of applications. We offer you a matched system, from abrasive fleece hand pads through to fleece finishing discsfor angle grinders.

GARANT abrasive fleece pads and rollers

  • Advantages of our GARANT fleece articles:
  • Low contact pressure required.
  • Flexible and supple.
  • Low crumbling behaviour.

GARANT abrasive fleece (on the left):

- Flexible structure with flexible node points
- Dense and even grit distribution
- Grit projecting from the bondng material

Competitor´s product (on the right):

- Clumping at node points
- Loose nylon fibres
- Grit sunken into the bonding material

GARANT fleece finishing discs

Advantages of the GARANT fleece finishing discs

  • Dense and even grit application for highly homogeneous finishing results.
  • Long tool life due to an extra thick grit density of the fleece finishing discs.
  • Soft underlay for vibration-damped working.

Best performance of the GARANT fleece tools

The tool life of the new GARANT fleece finishing discs demonstrably sets the standards, in comparison to the competition.

(Being tested: Article 56 6912_100)

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