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      Article no.: 567803

      Velour-backed abrasive disc ABRANET® ⌀ 34 mm

      Brand: Mirka
      maximum circumferential speed 40
      Grinding medium code A
      Iron, sulphur and chlorine constituents < 0.1
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      Velour-backed abrasive disc ABRANET® ⌀ 34 mm

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      The patented ABRANET® grinding system consists of a mesh structure of polyamide fabric containing thousands of holes and coated with abrasive grit.


      • Dust−free grinding: very low workplace and environmental loading.
      • No clogging of the grinding disc (surface defects and dust balls are avoided).
      • Guaranteed improved surface finishes with less grinding media consumption.
      • High effectiveness − the removal rate increases by several orders of magnitude depending on the surface.


      Grinding of paints, fillers primers, (fibre-reinforced) plastics, non-ferrous metals and aluminium alloys, furniture components.

      Technical Data

      Iron, sulphur and chlorine constituents
      < 0.1 %
      Grinding media
      Aluminium Oxide (A) 
      maximum circumferential speed
      40 m/s
      Grinding media backing
      Polyamide fabric 
      Grinding medium code

      Application Table

      Alu Mg
      Steel < 900 N/mm²
      Plastic, GRP