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Metal circular saw blade coarse HZ uncoated

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Brand: Re-Bo
Tool material: HSS
Standard: DIN 1838


  • Tool material: HSS
  • Standard: DIN 1838



All blades are hollow ground to give side clearance. All sizes with 200 mm ⌀ and very thin blades have a bore collar for stabilisation. Accuracy, tooth form, and side clearance grinding according to DIN 1840.
DIN 1838 C coarse-toothed with curved form C. High performance tooth pitch (HZ) with high teeth and lower finishing teeth. The roughing tooth is 0.15 – 0.30 mm higher than the finishing tooth and is chamfered at both tooth corners. In this way both types of teeth share the cutting work.


Particularly suitable for cutting workpieces with low to medium tensile strength. High cutting performance due to the chip breaking tooth form.
Please note: If the component is not cut through, but only cut into, the bottom of the cut will have an additional slot due to the projecting high tooth.


The concentricity and axial run-out values are considerably better than the figures according to DIN 1840, in some cases by up to 50 %.

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