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Linishing belt ceramic grit XK870X 75×2000 mm

Article no.: 558410
  • Grinding medium code: Ceramic
  • Iron, sulphur and chlorine constituents: < 0.1



XK870 linishing belt with self-sharpening ceramic grit (CER) for very high performance and long service life. The active abrasive layer (TOP Size) ensures cool abrasion and increases the material removal rate.
X-fabric (robust) for linishing work on stationary linishing machines with high contact forces.


For grinding all steels, particularly well suited to difficult to machine materials such as stainless steel, nickel alloys, chromium, titanium, aluminium.


Other grit sizes, qualities, and dimensions are available on request in line with the manufacturer’s minimum order quantities. Unless specified otherwise on the order, belts will be supplied with standard joints. See No. 568526ff for spare linishing belts for burnishing machines.

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