Best quality at reduced cycle times.

“The GARANT disc brushes guarantee a constant finishing quality and at the same time we save several hours of work“

Pascal Van De Sande, Technical Manager at Aluro CNC

For more than 30 years Aluro CNC has been an established and well-known name in the market and is known for the quality of the products it supplies. The machining company based in Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium supplies components and machine parts to customers in various sectors of industry, like the medical sector, aerospace, the food industry and mechanical engineering.

Aluro CNC employs a staff of about 30 and has highly automated machinery, which also includes machines from its associated company RoboJob.

„Automation is very important for Alura for several reasons“

Pascal Van De Sande, Technical Manager at Aluro CNC

„In Belgium there is an acute shortage of suitable qualified personnel. This makes automation the perfect solution. It enables us not just to reduce our wage costs, but also to keep prices low for our customers. Furthermore, it enables us to run our production day and night in order to achieve a better product flow. Automation gives us an enormous competitive advantage”, states Van De Sande.

The Hoffmann Group and Aluro CNC both pursue the same objectives – they both strive to continuously improve quality and optimise processes.

„The GARANT disc brushes fully satisfy our high quality standards. Additionally, their price-performance ratio is excellent and the products are always in stock. If we place an order we can be sure that we will receive the products the following day.“

Pascal Van De Sande, Technical Manager at Aluro CNC

Over the last few years the Hoffmann Group has shown strong growth in the field of machining tools. This is the direct result of the comprehensive and customer-friendly technical support they offer.

The solution

In their quest for continuous optimisation Aluro CNC came across the Hoffmann Group. As the leading supplier of quality tools, workstations and storage equipment and personal protective equipment this German specialist last year introduced its product range GARANT disc brushes. These high-tech brushes for CNC machines or robot cells are used for the automated, quick and efficient post-processing of workpieces following the machining process. GARANT disc brushes make manual post-processing superfluous.

The results

Several of Aluro’s machines were already equipped with disc bushes from another manufacturer. “However, we did not achieve the desired results with these”, states Van De Sande. “Which is why we decided to run a few internal tests with the GARANT disc brushes. After some searching and experimenting with the parameters we were very satisfied with the end results we achieved for our workpieces. We produce, amongst other things, some large cast iron plates for which we used to have to do a lot of manual deburring. With our new disc brushes this post-processing is now done in a completely automated process and we save several hours of work. Furthermore, they guarantee a constant finishing quality. We only have to programme the machine once and then finishing is identical for every workpiece. A very welcome side effect is that this has also resulted in reduced cycle times for our workpieces!”

“As the commercial trading partner we want to answer our customers questions in detail”, “We support them in selecting the best tools, we work with them to develop a plan and offer sound technical support. We also continuously optimise our range of products based on the real-life feedback of our customers.”

Dominique Van Lunter,Technical Specialist Machining at the Hoffmann Group

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