ONE-KEY – the key to the digital construction site

Milwaukee ONE-KEY™ is the digital platform for tools and equipment. The smartphone technology is connected to the most intelligent FUEL™ tools using Bluetooth®. Milwaukee ONE-KEY™ thereby enables optimum control and results that always have a consistent level of precision. Additionally, thanks to a central inventory management system, the tools can be managed in a clear manner, enabling you to get the most out of them. You therefore increase your operational efficiency.

Your advantages at a glance

Increased reliability and quality

Reduced risk of accident – in particular due to switch-off protection in order to minimise the risk of injury to the user in the event of excessively high torsional forces, whilst maintaining consistently precise results

Cost reduction

Optimum presetting of the relevant work process, process optimisation, 50% reduction in consumable material costs, fewer lost tools, theft protection

Time savings

No need to search for the tools; immediate tracking

ONE-KEY Functions


Always work with optimum settings

  • Set the speed and torque of your M18 FUEL™ tool individually in order to optimally adjust the performance and speed to the work to be completed.
  • Save up to four custom profiles on your tool
  • Thanks to the tool control, you obtain consistently precise results, even with repeated applications


You always know where your tools are and can lock them in the event of theft

  • With the ONE-KEY app, you can identify your device within a radius of up to 30 m, even if the rechargeable battery is flat
  • With the integrated Tool Tracking, you can pinpoint the last known location of your device. You are notified when a lost tool has been located
  • You can prevent theft with these functions


Simplified tool and inventory management

  • You can manage your tool inventory in a clear manner on a central platform and therefore organise your business more efficiently.
  • You can access your data at any time and anywhere, which therefore means you always have all information at hand.
  • You can save and manage your receipts in the program. You can therefore keep an overview of your budget for tools and equipment.


Demonstration at your site.

Contact your Area Sales Manager who will provide you with expert advice on Milwaukee ONE-KEY functions and products. If required, he will be happy to bring along one of the ONE-KEY technical advisers and sample tools.

To consulting

Milwaukee One-Key Powertools

Cordless hammer drill

Powerful cordless 2-speed hammer drill with multi-stage torque setting.

Cordless impact wrench

Robust and powerful FUEL™ cordless impact wrench with brushless POWERSTATE™ EC motor.

Cordless sabre saw

Milwaukee compact cordless sabre saw for working in difficult to access places.

There are now over 30 ONE-KEY tools – all of which you can obtain from us.

Milwaukee One-Key Tick

TICK™ – the universal tool tracker

Attach the tracker to any piece of equipment desired and enjoy all the benefits of the ONE-KEY system. It can be mounted using glue, rivets, screws or even with cable ties. A button cell with a service life of up to one year provides the power supply. The tracker is built for a tough working day and is dust, water and shock proof.

Frequently asked questions

Geofencing – does the range have to be renewed daily?

No, once set up, the range is active until it is de-activated again. Furthermore, a geofencing report is sent to you daily if tools have been detected outside of the specified range.

Who can I contact for expert advice on Milwaukee ONE-KEY products?

Please contact the technical advisers from the Hoffmann Group. They will arrange an appointment for advice with you. If required, they will be happy to bring along one of the Milwaukee ONE-KEY experts and sample tools. To the contact details

What options does the Milwaukee leasing service currently offer?

Leasing is available from a starting order of 2,000 euros' worth of goods. Milwaukee is currently working on a more extensive concept.

Does Milwaukee market leasing contracts directly?

No. Milwaukee does not directly market any leasing contracts.

Where can I find further information on Milwaukee ONE-KEY?

You can find further information on the Milwaukee Website and the latest videos on the Milwaukee YouTube channel.

Where can I download the ONE-KEY app?

You can download the Milwaukee ONE-KEY app for iPhones and Android devices directly from the Milwaukee Website free of charge.

Does the app require approval from the works council?

It does not if it is used for managing the tools. If employees can be uniquely identified by using it, it is advisable to clarify usage with the works council.

Does ONE-KEY comply with the European data protection regulations?

Milwaukee ONE-KEY complies with the European data protection regulations. As a principle, only the tool is tracked and not the user. The user can de-activate the app at any time. Techtronic Industries (Milwaukee) cannot access the data

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