GARANT diamond grinding points

Perfect for processing fibre-reinforced composite materials.

Top-class for lightweight construction:
GARANT diamond grinding points with vacuum-brazed bonding.

Diamond is considered to be the hardest abrasive and is therefore called a "superabrasive". This characteristic is the reason for the superior lifetime of diamond tools.

The grit size of diamond tools is stated in μm and corresponds to the average grit diameter. The larger the number, the coarser the grit – the smaller the number, the finer the grit.

1. Galvanic metal bonding

The abrasive grit is applied to a metal blank in an electro-chemical process. The metallic deposit (nickel layer) bonds the abrasive grit to the metal blank. At least 50 % of the abrasive grit is embedded in the bonding.

2. Brazed metal bonding

Abrasive grit and metal blank are joined with special solder in a vacuum furnace. The thin solder layer makes a grit protrusion of up to 70% possibleberstand von bis zu 70%.

  • High stock removal rate
  • Aggressive grinding behaviour
  • Low tendency to clog
  • Improved grit adhesion

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