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GARANT UNI Line: modular provision system brings order to workshops and production plants

24 Aug 2021

With its new GARANT UNI Line provision system, the Hoffmann Group presents an individually configurable perforated panel system, designed to bring greater order to workshops and production plants. GARANT UNI Line is compatible with Easyfix hooks and holders and available as a slender column (GARANT UNI Panel), a sturdy wall or room divider (GARANT UNI Wall) and a tower (GARANT UNI Tower). GARANT UNI Wall and GARANT UNI Tower are also available as mobile versions. Marking boards and labelling attachments in six different colours, as well as a range of accessories such as self-adhesive pictograms, storage shelves, swing doors and drawer modules give each GARANT UNI Line provision system its own unique character.

The GARANT UNI Panel is a slender column with a double-sided perforated panel, which can be extended with a marking board, e.g. to designate it as an information point. In comparison, the double-sided GARANT UNI Wall column offers even greater flexibility: any number of GARANT UNI Wall units can be combined to form a complete wall or be used as a room divider. Optionally, the system can be supplemented with a labelling attachment that can be used on both sides. For mobile use, GARANT UNI Wall is also available with four swivel castors with locking brake.

With the GARANT UNI Tower, customers can configure a service tower in a way that suits their exact requirements. It consists of three double-sided perforated panels assembled in either U or H-shapes and is available in two different widths. The circumferential labelling attachment, storage shelves, drawer modules, lockable swing doors and other accessories offer a myriad of ways to configure it. For example, it can be used as an information point, a first aid station, a tool providing point, or as a cleaning tower. The latter can be purchased from the Hoffmann Group as a complete set, fully equipped with all the necessary components. The GARANT UNI Tower is available either as a fixed unit, or as a mobile unit with four castors, parking brake and push handle.

All the products in the new GARANT UNI Line series are manufactured from sturdy sheet metal and powder-coated in the colours silver-grey and anthracite. The GARANT UNI Line is now available to order from the new 2021/2022 catalogue and via the Hoffmann Group eShop.

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