Geppert Hydropower GmbH / Austria

Clean energy from hydropower

Company Geppert GmbH located at Hall in Tirol since 1896 is a family-run enterprise, now in its fourth generation. Their core competence is the production of small hydro power plants. The hydro-dynamic energy is used for hydroelectric power generation. Geppert provides various turbines and individual solutions for the customers‘ requirements, also as a turnkey contractor. Due to the strong growth of recent years the company decided in 2015 that a new building was needed to provide more space. In October 2015 work started with the groundbraking ceremony in Geppertstrasse, the move took place in September 2016. Since that time the production facility encompasses more than 6.000 m², more than twice its original size.

Moving without interrupting the production process

Management wanted to disturb the production process as little as possible. It was therefore decided to install and commission all the new metalworking machinery ordered in the course of the expansion directly in the new hall; following this the existing machinery was to be moved. Thanks to this careful and precise planning the entire move was managed in just two weeks, without having to interrupt the production process.

An important factor for the move running smoothly was the on-time delivery and installation of products by the Hoffmann Group, ensuring that the new workstations and storage products were ready for use at the time of the move into the new production hall.

Focusing on ergonomics and cleanliness

For the company‘s management it was important that the workstations in the new building were ergonomic and individually adapted to the specific work processes. The employees were included in this process, so that their individual requirements could be taken into account when designing their workstations.

Thomas Siller, Deputy Production Manager, was responsible for planning and oordination. „We received a lot of support from the Hoffmann Group in the planning, realisation and equipping of the new production hall. At the heart of the hall is the two-storey office tract. This inclu-des offices for the Production Manager and his deputy, as well as recreation and sanitary rooms, and the tool crib. Creating this central area significantly reduced the distances the employees had to cover.“

Guntram Geppert, Managing Director, praises the ideas put forward by Hoffmann employees: „Installing several CleaningPoints in the production hall led to more cleanliness at the workstations, as per the Japanese 5S methodology. For, if suitable cleaning material is always easily accessible, then the employees feel more motivated to keep their workstations clean.“

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