The GARANT Master Form Steel is a fluteless machine tap with a long working life for good process reliability in steels including high-tensile and abrasive steels.

GARANT Master Form Steel delivers top profile threads

1 Sep 2021

The GARANT Master product family has gained a new member: With the new GARANT Master Form Steel, the Hoffmann Group presents a fluteless machine tap which creates outstanding results not only in ordinary steels but also in high-tensile and abrasive steels. The secret is in the clever combination of a high-quality PM substrate, a TiAlN coating applied by the HIPIMS process and a new type of polygon geometry. This means that the torque forces generated by the forming process are smaller, leading to increased process reliability and a longer tool life. The new GARANT Master Form Steel is available with immediate effect via the new 2021/2022 catalogue, as well as via the eShop

For the GARANT Master Form Steel, the Hoffmann Group developed a special geometry consisting of asymmetrical polygons, and also increased the number of pressure flutes. The forces are distributed more evenly, leading to increased process reliability. The new fluteless machine tap consists of high-quality HSS-E-PM tool material with an ultra-smooth multi-layer coating of Titanium Aluminium Nitride (TiAlN) applied using the HIPIMS process. The TiAlN reduces the friction between the tool and workpiece and prevents premature wear. The GARANT Master Form Steel put its long working life to the test in trials on the high-alloy tool steel X 155 CrVMo 12-1 (1.2379). Compared to four fluteless machine taps from other manufacturers, it developed the smallest maximum torsion. The test run entailed the production of 500 M6 threads. The tapping diameter was 5.55 millimetres, the thread depth was 2.5 × D and the external cooling was KSS 8%.

The GARANT Master Form Steel represents the first time a fluteless machine tap has been added to the “GARANT Master” product family. The product family already includes drills and milling cutters for high-performance cutting of steel, high-alloy steels, titanium and plastics, tools for thread machining and a micro-drill for general purpose use.

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