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      Article no.: 238370

      M03Speed adjustable head 24,8 mm

      Brand: Komet
      Use for drilling Cross-drilling
      Use for drilling convex
      Through-coolant true
      Skaft ABS
      Use for drilling oblique exit
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      M03Speed adjustable head 24,8 mm

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      • Dynamic balance in the slide for highest speeds.
      • Modular system structure.
      • Fine adjustment without additional clamping.
      • With ABS® connection for highest changeover accuracy.
      • Quick rough adjustment by adjusting the lathe tool.
      • Internal coolant supply directed to the cutting edge.
      • Smallest adjustment steps in the µm range, within a fine adjustment range of 0.25 - 0.6 mm on the ⌀, depending on the turning range.
      • Fine adjustment steps of 0.002 mm per graduation in ⌀.
      • High resolution ensures problem-free adjustment / readability without a vernier.


      Additional insert holders, e.g. for reverse machining and with other angles = 15°, 30°, 45° etc. available on short lead times.
      Please order change-over adapters, cartridges, and indexable inserts separately.