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      Article no.: 424800

      Micrometer with dial comparator 0-25 mm

      Brand: Mahr
      Norm DIN 863
      Micrometer barrel graduations 1/50
      Packaging sturdy box
      Calibration C3
      Calibration B1
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      Micrometer with dial comparator 0-25 mm

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      Measuring spindle of stainless steel, hardened and ground. Carbide-tipped measuring faces. Controls and reading parts satin chrome-plated. With hand temperature protection. Constant measuring force. Moveable stop anvil, retractable. Particularly suitable for series manufactured parts.


      Dial comparator DIN 863 micrometer 2 µm.

      Supplied with:

      Dial comparator Millimess No. 434674 size 50/1.