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      Article no.: 484020

      Plug gauge A-ZC 6-13 2 mm

      Calibration M2
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      Plug gauge A-ZC 6-13 2 mm

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      The “Go” ends of these working gauges have a wear allowance to DIN 7164.
      Measuring body made of first class gauge steel, hardened, stress-relieved, ground, and lapped.
      “Go” / “No Go” plug gauges for ISO tolerance bands A − ZC in qualities 6 − 13. When ordering, please state the nominal ⌀, tolerance bands and required quality; e.g. No. 484020 size 10F10.


      Tolerance and dimensions to DIN 1938-1, DIN 2245-1 and DIN 7164.


      • Further intermediate sizes available on request or can simply be ordered at www.hoffmann-group.com, for instance No. 484000 size 82.

      • For acceptance gauges (without wear allowance) see No. 484027/ 484028.
      • For gauges with intermediate size and all ⌀ with numeric tolerances see No. 484025/ 484026.

      • State the desired fit. When ordering please state the tolerance band (A − ZC) and quality (6 -13), e. g. No. 484020 10F10.