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      Article no.: 434674

      Precision dial comparator 25/0,5 µm

      Brand: Mahr
      Packaging sturdy box
      Norm DIN 879
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      Precision dial comparator 25/0,5 µm

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      Sapphire mounted, all-in-one mechanism, particularly robust for use in the manufacturing area.
      Low hysteresis due to virtually play-free gauging pins on ball guides.
      Resistant to lateral forces.
      One-piece housing for maximum stability and accuracy.
      Shock resistance due to transmission lever which lifts up in the event of overload
      Constant measuring force
      by straight spring.
      Large overrun for convenient insertion of the component. Lifting key or lifting cable (special accessories) can be connected.
      Clearly legible scale.
      2 Tolerance pointers
      for presetting the permitted tolerance range.

      Version - image:

      Tolerance pointers
      for foot switch No. 434930
      Fine adjustment
      lockable (zero setting).


      As a dial bore gauge for series and individual inspections.

      Optional extras:

      Lifting cable No. 434930.