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      Article no.: 430300

      Natural granite control surface plate accuracy 0 400X250 mm

      Brand: Planolith
      Norm DIN 876
      Test certificate Manufacturer’s test certificate
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      Natural granite control surface plate accuracy 0 400X250 mm

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      Specially selected natural granite.
      • Free of flaws, homogeneous structure.
      • Deflection and torsion resistant.
      • Absolutely rustproof and resistant to acid, low thermal conductivity.
      • Micro-fine surface treatment (diamond lapped). Tolerances tighter than recommended limits.
      • Ground outside edges, visually true.
      • For static determination of position, contact points (steel ball inserts) are fitted to the underside.
      • Harder than hardened steel (Mohs hardness scale 6 - 7), non-magnetic and electrically non-conductive.


      Final manufacturing and inspection take place in computer-controlled climatic rooms. The used measuring equipment guarantees the exact connection to national and international calibration laboratories.
      DIN 876/0 − Precision diamond lapped for inspection.

      Supplied with:

      Supplied with test certificate, transport packing.


      On request: Stainless steel screw inserts, steel T-slot rails (steel T-slot rails not available for No. 430190), accuracy 000, other sizes, intermediate sizes. Delivery excluded.