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      Article no.: 436355

      Lever dial indicator with horizontal dial contact point length 14.5 mm 0,4/28 mm

      Brand: Mahr
      Packaging sturdy box
      Norm DIN 2270
      Calibration C5
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      Lever dial indicator with horizontal dial contact point length 14.5 ...

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      Lever dial indicator with horizontal dial.
      High-precision lever dial indicator with jewel-mounted mechanism, in handy, robust design. Housing and dovetail block are of one piece, which means that mounting is particularly rigid. Corrosion protection due to matt chrome-plated housing.
      Mahr − ruby mounted mechanism with carbide measurement ball. Contact point bearing in one-piece fork, therefore alignment is particularly exact; anti-magnetic.


      As an accurate dial bore gauge for testing variations from nominal size, testing concentricity, internal measurements, testing of parallelism, and flatness as well as for aligning components.

      Supplied with:

      Clamping spigot ⌀ 8 mm.

      Optional extras:

      Square holder No. 436510, centring holder No. 436512, knuckle stand No. 359680.

      Spare part:

      Spare contact point with carbide or ruby ball available on request.


      Additional information DIN 2270: Graduations 0.01 − deviation range 10 µm, total deviation range 13 µm, hysteresis error 3 µm. Graduations 0.002/0.001 − deviation range 2 µm, total deviation range 4 µm, hysteresis error 2 µm.