Torque wrench QuickSelect without plug-in head 20 Nm

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Sturdy compact one-armed torque wrench, adjustable to scale and self-triggering. The accuracy is sustained for many thousands of operations, because high quality material is used for all wearing parts with stressed parts loaded only briefly on each occasion. Body and handle are of sturdy square section. Scales adjustable. Anti-clockwise tightening by pushing through the drive shank
Without any plug-in head (basic model); see No. 657582657950 for suitable plug-in heads.


  • Ergonomically shaped two-component handle, resistant to aggressive liquids such as fuel, Skydrol etc.
  • The adjustment scale is placed behind a sight glass for protection against dirt and damage.
  • Quick, precise, and reliable setting: Pull the setting knob, “Twist” to set the desired value and “Press” to save it. Setting knob moves easily since there is no spring pressure to be overcome.


If the set value is reached while using the wrench, the wrench triggers giving a “signal” (acoustic and perceptible) and is then immediately ready for use again.


Since the set torque can be varied, it is ideal for repairs and short series production.


Tested to DIN EN ISO 6789.

Cutting data:

Legend for drawing and formula:

l1 = Lever length without plug-in head
l2 = Adjusted reference dimension on the torque wrench
l3 = Lever length including factory calibration reference dimension
l4 = Reference dimension of the plug-in head
L = Total length of the tool
T1 = Torque to be set
T2 = Specified torque


The guaranteed measuring accuracy of the torque is achieved only once the torque range has been calibrated to DIN EN ISO 6789.

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