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      Article no.: 569720

      Diamond cutting disc STANDARD** Universal 115 mm

      Brand: Tyrolit
      Grinding medium code D
      maximum circumferential speed 80
      Shape description straight
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      Diamond cutting disc STANDARD** Universal 115 mm

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      Diamond cutting discs for wet and dry cutting. Bore ⌀ 22.23 mm.
      • High cutting performance of diamonds gives short cutting times.
      • Extremely long working life, fewer disc changes.
      • Unvarying diameter, always cuts to the full depth.
      • Hardly any disc wear, reducing dust generation.

      For everyday use on all building materials such as concrete, bricks, natural stone etc. Directly sintered coating, hardened body (no wandering).


      For cutting all common building materials such as concrete (even reinforced), bricks, natural stone, tiles, ceramics, steel etc.


      • Diamond coating already pre-sharpened. Observe correct direction of rotation!
      • Other diamond cutting discs on request.