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      Article no.: 361302

      Modular NC high pressure vice TITAN 2 125K

      Brand: Allmatic
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      Modular NC high pressure vice TITAN 2 125K

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      Clamps for the modular clamping system.
      Increased force travel for secure clamping of blanks in combination with a pull-down function.
      Jaws secured with M12 socket head screws.
      8 mm lost clearance when pulled down, 3 mm for Gripp.
      Clamping can be achieved close to the neutral line.
      Jaws are compatible with earlier models.
      Outlet for chips and coolant. Precise location slots.
      Tapped holes for component backstop and for extension.
      Maximum clamping force 40 kN.
      Slides induction hardened. Side, top and bottom faces ground.


      Precise and powerful multi-function high-pressure vice.
      • Reliable clamping of blank parts, thanks to the extra long stroke of the high-pressure spindle.
      • Precision machined finished parts, base body machined all round.


      Clamping exclusively with adjustable torque wrench(maximum 30 Nm).
      Using special high pressure spindle and mechanical power intensifier.


      For conventional clamping, grip clamping and pull-down clamping. Clamping of flame-cut and saw-cut blanks by hardened replaceable gripper elements piercing into the workpiece. Suitable for all materials up to tensile strength of 1000 N/mm2. Can be used horizontally or laterally.

      Supplied with:

      3 hexagon L-wrenches, bi-hex socket 14 AF, 4 stepless adjustable clamps.

      Optional extras:

      Jaws see No. 361331 − 361970.
      Torque wrench No. 656050 size 60.