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      Article no.: 300450

      Whistle-Notch arbor Form ADB SK 50 short 6 mm GARANT

      Brand: GARANT
      Machining strategy HPC
      Shape ADB
      Concentricity ≤ 3
      Norm DIN 6359
      Balance quality G at rotational speed G 6.3 at 12,000 rpm
      Arbor standard ISO 7388-1
      Arbor standard DIN 69871
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      Whistle-Notch arbor Form ADB SK 50 short 6 mm GARANT

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      With back stop screw. Shanks hard turned (smooth cutting action). With Balluffchip bore.


      The tool is firmly clamped at the side with the clamping screw and supported at the back with the back stop screw. Clamping free of play, giving low vibration running.


      For clamping tools with parallel shank and whistle notch shanks (2°) to DIN 1835 E and DIN 6535 HE.
      • The loss of length due to regrinding of the drill front can be corrected by axial length adjustment in the toolholder.

      Optional extras:

      Pull studs (PS) No. 308600 − 308806, PS wrenches No. 308810 – 308830.