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      Article no.: 308187

      Shrink-fit chuck with cooling channel bore HSK-A 63 short 3 mm GARANT

      Brand: GARANT
      Arbor standard ISO 12164-1
      Shape A
      Balance quality G at rotational speed G 2.5 at 25,000 rpm
      Machining strategy HPC
      Machining strategy HSC
      Concentricity ≤ 3
      Arbor standard DIN 69893
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      Shrink-fit chuck with cooling channel bore HSK-A 63 short 3 mm GARAN...

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      • High-temperature steel.
      • Integral tool length adjustment, range 10 mm available only from size 6 upwards!
      • Size 3 − 5 for carbide, from size 6 for HSS and carbide.
      • With Balluffchip bores.
      • With tapped holes for balancing screws (apart from clamping ⌀ D1 3 mm, 4 mm and 5 mm).

      GARANT: HSK mating faces machined. All shanks hard turned (for smooth running!).
      With cooling channel bores tapped for plugging.


      • For holding end mills and drills with parallel shank to h6 tolerance.
      • Suitable for inductive, contact and hot air shrink-fit units.

      Supplied with:

      With length adjustment screws (from clamping ⌀ D1 6 mm).

      Optional extras:

      Coolant feed pipe No. 309880. Plug-in socket No. 309890, Shrink-fit chuck extension No. 302410 − 302419. Shrink-fit units No. 354210 − 354450.