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      Article no.: 309550

      OZ collet for chuck 2 - 25 mm 4 mm

      Brand: Fahrion
      Norm ISO 10897
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      OZ collet for chuck 2 - 25 mm 4 mm

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      Spring steel, through hardened and ground. The through bore (longer clamping range than DIN collets) increases the clamping force. More slits than DIN collets, giving a greater insertion depth in the collet chuck. Suitable for jobber drills, for clamping on the guide land Clamping range = Nominal size down to minus 0.5 mm. 5 or 6 slits each end.


      • Better radial run-out = axially parallel centring in taper; no tumbling.
      • Higher clamping force = due to improved grip.
      • Higher system stiffness = suitable for high-speed milling.

      • Longer tool life.