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      Article no.: 309666

      CP sealing washer DI16 1 mm

      Brand: Fahrion
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      CP sealing washer DI16 1 mm

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      Vulcanised sealing rings up to 80 bar.
      0.5 mm collet ⌀ clamping range (+ 0.4 / − 0.1).

      Suitable for:

      ER CP clamping nuts No. 309665 sizes 16MSDI, 16CDI, 16DI.


      Not compatible with other sealing ring systems!
      FAHRION system ER clamping nuts type CP and sealing rings type HP do not fit on to other systems!
      • Sealing rings in 0.5 mm increments on request.
      • Sealing rings for No. 309665 DI40 on request.