First tool from the new "Hoffmann Group Connected Tools" product family sends data via Bluetooth to smartphone app, tablet or PC

GARANT Digital caliper HCT creates mobile quality management

2 Sept 2020

The new "Hoffmann Group Connected Tools (HCT)" product family Hoffmann Group is driving digitalisation forwards in the field of tooling. The range includes Bluetooth-capable tools which at the push of a button send measured values directly to a PC application such as Excel, a tablet or the newly developed HCT smartphone app. The GARANT digital caliper HCT IP67 with Bluetooth connection has now been launched on the market as the first HCT product. This tool is also available as a depth gauge. The free HCT app is now available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

The new Hoffmann Group Connected Tools link the analogue and digital tooling worlds without any additional software or dongle. The tools send measurement data via Bluetooth over a range of up to 15 metres and thus make documentation particularly convenient. At the same time they improve quality management because they eliminate errors arising from manual data transmission.

The Hoffmann Group has also developed the HCT smartphone app for users who place a special value on mobile working. The app provides an overview of up to eight HCT tools. It reliably saves newly recorded measurement results and permits the export of the measured data including tool name, measurement date, unit and target value in CSV format for further processing in any PC application such as Excel or Word. The app can also display values both in the metric system and in inches.

The new GARANT digital caliper HCT IP67 not only has sophisticated functions but also features an outstanding design. That was confirmed by the jury of the prestigious Red Dot Award in 2019. The GARANT IP67 digital caliper provides a large LCD display on which the measured values are displayed at an easily legible height of 11.5 millimetres. The measurement system is embedded in a clearly structured stainless steel body sheathed in an ergonomically shaped enclosure with Santoprene coating. This provides the necessary grip for working in dusty, wet or oily environments. After 10 minutes the system automatically switches into power-saving mode. Any slight movement reactivates it and the last measured value and the zero point are displayed. This saves energy. The tool satisfies protection class IP67 and is protected against dust, water, coolant and oil.

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