Keep things tidy in industrial companies with tool cabinets

Employees in workshops and industrial companies have to use a vast array of tools and small parts as part of their day-to-day work. Tool cabinets and shelving units can provide invaluable help by enabling you to organise workflows more effectively. They allow the various items to be clearly sorted so that they are quick to find when needed. As a result, your employees do not have to waste time looking for the tool they need. The tools and devices are also securely stored away, and are unaffected by dirt or contamination.

When selecting the perfect tool cabinet you should consider various criteria in order to find the best solution for your needs and circumstances and avoid wasting money on the wrong cabinet:

  • Cabinet type
  • Cabinet size
  • Drawers or type of doors
  • Internal fittings
  • Flexibility
  • Ergonomics

What should I take into account for my workshop equipment?

When selecting workstations and storage equipment, the key thing is to consider which level of quality and which functions you need. It is essential to make the right choice here if you want to establish the best working conditions for your employees and enable them to work efficiently. However, factors such as lighting, the available space and traffic zones also need to be considered – as do ergonomic factors so that you can protect your employees’ health.

In today’s fast-moving world, it is becoming ever-more important to be able to arrange your workstations and storage equipment flexibly and convert it quickly if required. That is why cabinet systems in modern workstations and storage solutions are based on a uniform grid system. As such, the individual cabinets as well as other elements can be arranged in a modular design to suit specific needs.

The individual modules can be placed next to or on top of one another to make the best use of the available space and ensure that workflows are as efficient as possible.

The following criteria should be considered when selecting a tool cabinet:

Door selection

Traditional tool cabinets are equipped with drawers. Different heights are available for the drawer fronts, enabling you to choose the perfect configuration for your needs. Standard tool storage cabinets and machine auxiliary cabinets are usually equipped with swing doors. However, you can also opt for sliding doors or roller shutters, particularly if space is at a premium. Doors with viewing windows make life easier for employees by letting them see what is inside the cabinet.

Fully equipped or self-configured tool cabinets

Many manufacturers let you choose between two types of drawer cabinet. Fully equipped tool cabinets come pre-assembled with specific drawers and storage shelves. The other option is self-configured steel cabinets, where you choose an appropriately sized casing and the drawers and storage shelves you need. Please note the distinction between the casing height and the usable height here (casing height – 100 mm = usable height).

Drawer cabinet, universal cabinet or special cabinet

The purpose for which you need the cabinet is also crucial to making sure you make the right choice. When it comes to storing tools, drawer cabinets are mainly used. If you need to store lots of different items, a universal cabinet with swing or sliding doors and storage shelves is the best solution. These cabinets are also available with open storage bins, which are ideal for storing large numbers of small parts. When it comes to machining, special CNC cabinets are available that can securely and clearly store your expensive CNC tools. If you need to protect your tools against damage from electrostatic discharge, then conductive ESD tool cabinets are the ideal choice.

Equipment options for your tool cabinets

Metal cabinets and drawer/shelf combination units can come with different equipment depending on the model concerned.

Drawers and storage shelves

Drawers ensure that tools can be stored in an orderly manner. They are available in different heights from 50 mm to 300 mm or more. To make life easier for your employees, drawer cabinets are equipped with labelling strips that can be exchanged and rewritten. Special slots enable you to insert slotted dividers to keep things even tidier. The models can be fully extended so that employees can easily reach every single item. The inserted shelves are available as an extendable or fixed version.


In order to organise your work efficiently, you need a neat and clearly arranged classification structure, among other things. Dividers such as troughs, slotted dividers, divider walls, boxes and rigid foam inlays help you to find the right home for every item.

Worktops and cover tops

In order to make optimal use of the top side of your tool cabinet, you can equip your workshop equipment with special worktops, e.g. with an anti-roll lip, cover tops made from bamboo or laminated wood, non-slip mats or ribbed rubber mats.

Security technology

Workshop cabinets and universal cabinets are also available with different security mechanisms.

These include:

  • Lockable drawers and doors.
  • Anti-tilt device that prevents more than one drawer being opened at one time.
  • One-hand individual drawer release system, which prevents the drawers from opening during transport on mobile models such as roller cabinets.
  • Levelling base with individually adjustable cabinet feet to compensate for unevenness in the floor.
  • ESD workshop cabinets for sensitive areas in the company.

Cabinet lighting

You can use modern LED technology to perfectly illuminate workshop cabinets with swing or sliding doors, by either illuminating the entire interior using side lighting, or only illuminating the individual compartments. You can set the lighting to be continuously on or only on when the doors are open. Cabinet lights also help to improve ergonomics and occupational safety.

Types of tool cabinets

There are different types of tool cabinet, so your individual requirements will determine which version is the best one for your company. Large-capacity cabinets provide space for storing large tools. Upright cabinets make it easy to access the tools inside. Heavy-duty cabinets can hold up to 200 kilogrammes per drawer or storage shelf. Corner cabinets create additional storage space, for example at L-shaped counters. The individual models are available in different sizes and equipment specifications.

GARANT GridLine workstations and storage solution system

Tool cabinets that enable a systematic approach to meet individual needs.

Tool cabinets

For clearly organising all your tools.

Universal cabinets

For securely storing various devices, small parts and files.

Large-capacity cabinets

The perfect home for larger tools.

Heavy-duty cabinets

A particularly strong addition to your workshop equipment.

Upright cabinets

For securely and clearly storing standard tools, measuring tools and items relating to occupational safety

In addition to tool cabinets, workstations and storage also include workstation systems, tool issuing systems, roller cabinets,tool trolleys,storage technology, environmental technology, ladders and platforms and room systems and containers. Find out more about the topics of ergonomics at the work place and the 5S method. This takes you to the overview.

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