Optimum protection for your ESD workstation against electrostatic discharge

When do I need an ESD-protected workstation or workbench?

If you work with electronic assemblies, there is a risk that uncontrolled electrostatic discharges (ESD) could visibly damage them, interfere with their function or lead to operational failure later on.

An ESD protected area, also known as an EPA (electrostatic protected area), provides effective protection against damage caused by electrostatic discharge. All precautionary measures are taken here to be able to work with electrostatically sensitive assemblies without damaging them.

Here you’ll find the most important information about the topic of ESD, EPA and electrostatic charge.

How to set up an ESD workstation or workbench correctly

An ESD workstation or workbench is part of an extensive ESD protected area (EPA). It meets the minimum requirements according to DIN EN 61340-5-1 and contains the following elements:

ESD table

The ESD-protected table should be ergonomically adaptable. Electrostatic charge is dissipated across the working area and a grounding cable, so that the table remains charge neutral. Any plastic parts (e.g. covering caps) are not ESD conductive.

ESD table mat

Using an ESD table mat that has a non-slip underside and rounded corners ensures constant discharge resistances, as an extremely low-resistance under layer is applied to each part of the table mat.

ESD chair

Using an ergonomic ESD chair with cushioned seating, back rest, roller and all other parts made from ESD-conductive material prevents electrostatic charge.

ESD wrist strap

An ESD wrist strap made from plastic and with a connected grounding cable is compulsory when working with electronic assemblies.

ESD flooring

An ESD flooring consisting of floor mats or floor panels with relevant grounding ensures that the required discharge resistances are adhered to.

ESD tape and ESD signs

Using ESD marking tape on the floor and ESD signs indicates the ESD-safe areas and makes it clear when you have left these areas.

GARANT Bodenmatte mit ESD-Sicherheitslabel

ESD Floor mat

An industrial workstation mat with ESD safety label is electrically conductive and has an ESD grounding connection.

Follow the principle:

As much as necessary but as little as possible”. Only set up truly essential equipment at an ESD workstation and do not use it as a storage space.

In addition to the ESD workstation or workbench, ESD shoes, ESD clothing, ESD tools and ESD checks are also part of an extensive ESD-safe zone.

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