Extremely variable clamping range and high reliability

The DMG MORI group is one of the leading manufacturers of metal removal machine tools in the world. During the DMG MORI inhouse exhibition in Pfronten the GARANT Xpent was used on two machines and attracted the enthusiasm of the machine operators and customers in equal measure.

“Congratulations on this new product! The ease of operation, extremely variable clamping range and high reliability have impressed us.”

Thomas Lochbihler, Engineering and Applications Engineer at DECKEL MAHO Pfronten GmbH

The 5-axis vice in conjunction with a 362 mm long base rail is very well designed for use on small turntables and pallet clamping systems.

In order to clamp this demanding component two GARANT Xpent vices were used. The clamping modules were reversed in order to extend the clamping range.

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