Alzmetall is enthusiastic about the advantages of the GARANT XPENT.

Mr Hans Jürgen Bozner, Alzmetall, Technology Centre Manager: “Optimum accessibility, flexibility in clamping, ease of operation and extreme stiffness – all this was an instant hit with us. At present it is the best 5-axis vice on the market.”

The GARANT Xpent size 0 can be used on all ⌀ 320 mm rotary tables. The attachment is performed using clamping claws or directly to the rotary table using holes in the base rail. By means of spindle extensions the clamping range can be extended quickly and easily and optimally matched to the component.

With more than 70 years experience, ALZMETALL is synonymous with modern milling and turning. After just one presentation, the precision machine tool manufacturer, with activities throughout the world, was enthusiastic about the advantages of the GARANT Xpent.

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