Hch. Perschmann GmbH

Your partner in Braunschweig, Berlin and Poznan/Poland (Perschmann Sp. z o.o)

1866 Perschmann was founded as a trading company for Tools and Ironware. Since then, family tradition is in its fifth generation. The Hch. Perschmann GmbH is the origin of the Perschmann Company Group that includes four further companies and employs a staff of nearly 550 people in total. A strategic alliance with the Hoffmann Group is existing since 1993.

The sales area of the Hch. Perschmann GmbH spreads from eastern Lower Saxony to North Hesse, and from Saxony-Anhalt to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania - including Brandenburg and Berlin. The company is headquartered in Braunschweig and has got subsidiaries in Berlin and Poznań/Poland. The Polish market is driven by the subsidiary Perschmann Sp. z o.o., Poznan since 1997.

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Hch. Perschmann GmbH
Hauptstraße 46d
38110 Braunschweig

Tel.: +49 5307 933 100
Fax: +49 5307 933 152
E-Mail info@perschmann.de


Sales Office Berlin
Hch. Perschmann GmbH
Lengeder Strasse 21-23
13407 Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 551 506 100

Managing Partner:
Justus Perschmann

Members of the Advisory Board:
Prof. Dr. Joachim Hurth (Chairman)
Christian Wirth
Lubert Winnecken


1866 in Braunschweig

Partner of the Hoffmann Group since:

since 1991 branch in Berlin
since 1997 subsidiary in Poland, Poznan

Advice, Sales, Technical Support/Service, Logistics

Sales structure:
External Sales, Internal Sales, Metrology Experts, Field Application Engineers, Workstations & Storage Consultants, as well as eBusiness

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