Our first days at the Hoffmann Group.


Like many new apprentices we also started our professional lives on the 1st September 2014. Getting to know the other apprentices was made easier by way of games and by each person giving a presentation about themselves. After initial restraint the relaxed atmosphere helped lay the foundation for some good friendships.

We gained a lot of important information about the company and their apprenticeship programme during our induction week. This included a short introduction to the various departments and a tour of the whole building. On Wednesday we were given a tour of the large Logistics Centre in Nuremberg, as well as the Workstations and Storage Centre (BEC) in Odelzhausen. We shared this experience with all new apprentices of other Hoffmann locations throughout Germany. In order to get to know each other better we shared two more days at the Munich location. A programme and joint meal organized for us during the evening enabled us to socialize and get to know each other better.

At the end of the week we gave our positive feedback to the responsible apprentices and thanked them for their active support in our successful induction.

We now look forward to an exciting time at the Hoffmann Group, filled with interesting and varying experiences.




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