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GARANT video measuring miscroscopes

Convincing precision.


The high quality GARANT video measuring microscopes offer you the most appropriate solution for your individual measurement tasks. The whole product family gives you precise results quickly and easily - at the touch of a finger!

The user-friendly measurement software is intuitiv, individual and intelligent.

The measurement software offers an impressively clear user interface, with no hidden sub-menus, coupled with an outstanding edge detection algorithm for recording the measurement points. Very easy dimensioning and tolerance checking of the measured features in the drawing, simply by using your finger. Comprehensive tolerance checking of the elements according to DIN ISO.


Extremely quick measuring, recording, managing, exporting or printing

1. Easy recording of the measurement points by tapping on the elements in the live display. Additional generation of measurement programme procedures with graphical working instructions for the following measurements.

2. Detailed graphical depiction of the measured elements in the view of the parts. This dimensioned drawing, together with the measurements record, can be printed out if required. 

3. Elements view with tolerance input using various different calculation methods (Gauss, Pferch, Hüll, MMK, best form). Specified values can be input to the system by automatic rounding of the actual value, keyboard input or loading from a DXF file (using DXF option).

4. Comprehensive results lists with OK / Not OK displays and graphical tendency bars for deviations from tolerance. Measurement record with or without graphical depiction as printed output or data export (TSV/CSV/TXT).

product video

GARANT video measuring microscope

Our video will give you an overview of the extensive range of the GARANT video measuring microscopes (GARANT MM1, GARANT MM1-CNC, GARANT MM-OS, GARANT MM2) and describes the many application options and avantages of these video measuring instruments.

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