GARANT high-performance cutting discs

 Highest productivity for steel and stainless steel.


Extremely long service life and quick cutting in practical applications

GARANT cutting discs meet the highest standards for cutting performance, service life, and safety at work.

The thinness of the disc allows very quick cutting with low force and optimum time saving. Clean cut edges, virtually no burrs. New high-performance version using state of the art technology with significant productivity advantages and excellent cutting properties.

  • Very high cutting performance due to rough free-grinding side faces.
  • Outstanding tool life.
  • Version without edge compaction permits improved cutting behaviour from the first cut, with smooth and aggressive cutting behaviour.
  • Very little production of dust, noise, and vibration.
  • Maximum safety (oSa certification).

Innovative construction


Newly developed binding system based on full synthetic resin
Only in combination with the newly developed, innovative binding system can the performance of the aluminium oxide abrasive grain be fully utilised. This achieves the optimum balance of grain bonding and fracture release of worn grain.
In practical applications, this means long tool life combined with fast cutting.
1. Fibreglass fabric provides for safety and lateral stability
2. Abrasive fillers to improve the release properties. Mixture of high-quality aluminium oxides. The binding matrix consists of fillers and phenolic resins
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