GARANT insert drill

Convincing along its entire length – the new GARANT PowerDrill

Technologically the most up-to-date insert drill stands out with its excellent process reliability and performance.

The GARANT PowerDrill stands out due to its excellent drilling performance and outstanding process reliability. Optimised down to the last detail, this insert drill is designed for the most difficult drilling conditions. The inserts' latest substrates give maximum tool life.

GARANT insert drill PowerDrill – one drill for everything.

1. Optimised main body
Increases performance and life with excellent drilling performance.

2. Plain shank with clamping surface
Secure clamping with optimum power transmission. Shank tolerance = h6

3. Flange for optimum attachment
For increased stability during drilling.

4. Range

  • Diameter: 14 mm – 44 mm (in steps of 0.5mm)
  • Length ratio: 3×D; 5×D

5. Close bore tolerances

  • For 3×D drills: – 0.1 / + 0.3 mm
  • For 5×D drills: – 0.1 / + 0.35 mm

6. Robust inserts
SOGX inserts for use with steel, stainless steel, and for universal use.

7. Chip evacuation
Due to the larger flutes and the positioning of the cooling channels at the edges of the drill, chip evacuation and stability are significantly increased.

Individual adjustment range
The GARANT PowerDrill has an adjustment range of up to 0.25 mm from the centre to cover various Ø ranges.

Unique gamma angle
In addition to the dissimilar insert positions, this makes it possible to correct radial forces and is therefore an important factor for achieving bore diameters with dimensional accuracy.

Optimised insert arrangement
The mounting angles of the inserts and their axial positioning are major factors in determining the hole accuracy and the slight radial deflection of the drill. The different angle of the outer and inner insert causes self-centring.

High efficiency
Due to four usable cutting edges of modern substrates with appropriate coatings.

Choice of insert
Suitable inserts and sizes are available for the different machining challenges.

Customer review

"This drill managed to fully convince us!"

Universal, process reliable and powerful – the GARANT PowerDrill helps company Treffler, a steel construction specialist, to master varied and exceptional challenges.

"We wanted a partner who could truly cover the whole range and was able to deliver the correct indexable insert for every material. Furthermore, process reliability for series production, where severe vibrations can occur, was also an important factor for us."

Treffler Production Manager Johann Karmann

Products and further information

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