GARANT deep-hole drilling systems

Perfectly matched for process-reliable drilling

GARANT deep-hole drills

For trouble-free and process-reliable deep-hole drilling up to 50×D. The individual tools are perfectly matched in respect of geometries, the tolerances of the cutters and the point angles.

Within the production process this system ensures a seamless switch from one tool to the other. The proven colour rings are an additional aid for the selection of the right tool.

A system for highest precision

Exact deep-hole drilling is a challenge. With the GARANT deep-hole drilling system these problems can be solved in a process-reliable way.

  1. NC spotting drill - The right start:
    Reliable even for difficult machining requirements – the GARANT deep-hole drilling system. Start by spot drilling (especially for horizontal machining) for exact location and alignment accuracy.
  2. The pilot drill will set the direction:
    The pilot drill will generate a bore 6×D – the ideal preparation for deep-hole drilling.
    Important: Following this, especially for horizontal machining, generate a countersink.
  3. The co-pilot drill will clear the way:
    Basically alreay a deep-hole drill, the co-pilot drill will generate a precise 20×D bore (necessary for deep-hole drill 40×D / 50×D).
  4. The final deep-hole drilling step:
    Precision right to the very end – the GARANT deep-hole drill guarantees a reliable and trouble-free completion of the total process (50xD).

Product video

GARANT deep-hole drilling for maximum process reliability

Watch this video to see process-reliable deep-hole drilling in four steps, using the GARANT deep-hole drills:

  1. Face milling
  2. NC spot drilling
  3. Pilot hole drilling
  4. Deep-hole drilling

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