The new GARANT CaraFin polishing system

State-of-the-art diamond polishing tools.

Simply brilliant for perfect surfaces.
GARANT polishing tools - just the job.
Given that diamond is the hardest abrasive material, it is suitable for grinding all materials: Polishing metals (hardened metals, carbide, stainless steel, chromium, brass), enamels, composite fibre materials (GRP) and ceramics. The new generation of GARANT diamond polishing tools now offer you innovative environmentally-friendly products for surface treatment, which in addition will make your production process significantly cleaner and more efficient.

Now polish up your abrasive process.
GARANT polishing tools increase the efficiency of your polishing processes.
The demand for perfect surfaces, be they as functional faces or optical faces is increasing. As a rule, polishing represents a very laborious and complicated operation. The largest scope for optimisation is through the use of new types of tools. Increase the fficiency of your polishing process with GARANT polishing tools. For the first time diamond grit can be attached accurately and positively to a flexible substrate without a bonding agent. This means that the majority of the grit is available to act as abrasive material. Maximum performance is achieved at the exposed cutting edges. The use of a special diamond grit allows further enhancement of the removal rate whilst at the same time further improving the surface quality.

Perfect adaptation, no damage to the surface.

The highly compressed resilient foam substrate is the essential pre-condition for an uniform even result. The pressure is distributed uniformly across the grit grains, thereby preventing individual grains pentrating too deep intoly into the surface to be polished. Particularly for application with extremely slight roughness depths, a uniform surface can be achieved without great effort.

Low tendency to clog, long working life.

Abrasion dust and residues of material can be trapped by the open structure. This means that the gaps between the grit grains remain open, the tool stays sharp longer and can be used longer. At the same time the risk of scratching the polished surface is reduced.

Perfect surface quality.

Homogenisation of the surface structure, reduction in the roughness values shown for a wear-resistant tool form (galvanised NiCo alloy).


Our GARANT polishing tools will convince you. Their advantages:

  • Suitable for all materials.
  • More effective than polishing pastes.
  • No penetration of polishing agent into the surface of the workpiece, thereby achieving better surface quality and gloss.
  • Higher effectiveness.
  • Time-consuming cleaning off polishing residues is eliminated – further operations can be commenced immediately.
  • Uniform abrasive process, constant material removal rates.
  • Polishing result immediately visible, no memory effect: Polishing with pastes causes fine scratches which become filled with the polishing agent. After the polishing agent has dried and after poor paintwork these micro-scratches become visible again.
  • Can be used wet or dry.
  • Can be washed and used again - an environmental benefit.
  • Highly cost-effective due to faster processing times.
  • High-gloss results without the use of chemical polishing pastes.

  1. CaraFin diamond polishing file
    Polishing file with flexible metal base body and an outer face of resilient PU material. Ideal for polishing work on concave and convex surfaces.
  2. CaraFin diamond polishing strips
    Polishing strips, self-adhesive, for use on flexible abrasive belt holder No. 557900. Outer face of resilient PU material, one side coated with mono-crystalline diamond grit. Ideal for polishing work on convex surfaces.
  3. CaraFin diamond polishing point
    Polishing point of resilient PU material coated on the outer face with diamond grit. For polishing work with very high flexibility and conformity to contours.
  4. CaraFin diamond polishing block, resilient
    Polishing block made of high-quality resilient polyurethane foam. Ideal for homogenising flat pre-ground surfaces.
  5. CaraFin diamond polishing pad
    CaraFin diamond polishing pad (EVA) with an open structure, will not clog. Due to its very supple material characteristics it is ideally suited to maintaining true finish contours and high-gloss polished finishes on complex surface geometries.
  6. CaraFin diamond polishing foam
    CaraFin polishing foam made from elastic PU material impregnated with diamond grit. Foam material hardness optimally adapted to the polishing stage. For polishing work on pre-polished surfaces with very high flexibility and conformity to contours.
  7. CaraFin diamond polishing cloth, medium
    Diamond polishing wipes (microfibre) coated on one side with mono-crystalline diamond. For quick dry polishing by hand.
    Polishing cloth for contour-true high-gloss finish polished surfaces on hard materials.
  8. CaraFin diamond polishing cloth, soft
    Diamond polishing wipes (microfibre) coated on one side with mono-crystalline diamond. For quick dry polishing by hand.
    Polishing cloth for contour-true mirror finish polished surfaces on soft and easily-scratched materials.

Innovation: GARANT CaraFin polishing tools set

Ideally suited for contour-true polishing of pre-ground material surfaces by hand. Optimally adapts to the workpiece geometry.

Your advantages:

  • Higher material removal rate
  • Better surface quality
  • Non-productive times, that are necessary e.g. in the case of diamond pastes for preparation and cleaning, are eliminated

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