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Item no.: 914207

Barrel sleeve DOM 225-010-40 without lock barrel

Brand: DOM

Barrel sleeve DOM 225-010-40 without lock barrel

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Angled locking tongue 30.5 mm long, 15.5 mm wide, handle locking rotation 180°.

Suitable for:

All drawer units for workbenches, system workstations, work tables, tool cabinets, and roller cabinets in the number range 920000 - 920130 and 932000 - 933427; 933500, 933720 - 933900 and 934800 - 934830 from build year mid-2000 to mid-2008.
Exception: Not for doors in the above number ranges (barrel sleeve No. 914200), nor for full-width drawers in workbench No. 932600 (barrel sleeve No. 914203 since August 2006).

Supplied with:

Barrel sleeve complete with locking tongue, including fastening nut.

Technical Data

Recess for locking cylinder shape
for workstations and storage solutions from build year
Lock barrels can be changed
Supplied without lock barrel
Locking tongue length
30.5 mm
suitable for
Drawer unit groups 92, 93 
Fastening materials supplied
HO locking system barrels can be fitted
for workstations and storage solutions up to build year
not suitable for
Doors in the no. range drawer units 
Locking tongue width
15.5 mm
The lock barrel can be fitted directly
Shape of locking tongue
Material of sleeve
Locking lever travel
180 degrees
Locking type
Barrel sleeve for cylinder lock