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Item no.: 981460

Containment tray for 1000 litre IBC with galvanised grid

Brand: asecos
Storage Storage of environmentally polluting substances
Storage Storage of corrosive substances permitted
Storage Storage of water polluting substances class 1-3
Storage Storage of flammable substances prohibited

Containment tray for 1000 litre IBC with galvanised grid

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Of polyethylene (PE) − light, weatherproof, robust.


For secure storage of containers IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) and CTC (Cubic Tank Containers). For storage of water-polluting liquids of GHS categories 1 − 4. Especially resistant to acids, alkalis and oils. Depending on the tare weight of the IBC/CTC, suitable for liquids with a maximum specific weight of 1800 kg/m3.
Storage of flammable media is not permitted (applies to Germany).


Approved by the DIBt, Berlin, according to the General Building Regulations and declaration of conformity (ÜHP).