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Containment tray can be folded and moved Rigid-Lock Quick Berm®

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Drive-in foldable tray made from PVC-coated material. Single-piece construction; quick and easy to set up; no assembly required. The PVC-coated material is resistant to a wide variety of substances, including crude oil, oils, lubricants and most acids. Long-term UV-resistant, ideal for outdoor use.
Rigid-Lock technology: The patented support design maximises the interior of the containment tray and reduces the
risk hazard at the outside. They lock the side walls in a 30 cm high, 90° vertical position for a
high degree of structural stability. The side walls can be lowered quickly to make it easy to retract and extend
. The bracket is in a protective nylon hub, and when engaged in the lower position, it withstands
a weight of up to 5000 kg per tyre from vehicle traffic. The hub contains integrated holes to take
anchors (anchors not included in delivery).
CriticalCorner™: Reinforced CriticalCorner™ design with wraparound diagonal high-frequency welds and
use of electromagnetic energy and pressure generates a continuous, impenetrable connection for a
100 % tight seal. Prevents corners from billowing, unwrapping or sagging, fully sealed
for fluid-tight reliability. The walls include a 25-mm fray-resistant finished hem along the top rim
for added wall strength and integrity. Seam sealants prevent air, gases, vapours or liquids from
penetrating the berm or from seeping out.
Durable portable folding tray for drums, IBC containers, and tanks. EnGuard™ V modified PVC-coated material is suitable for positioning heavy materials in the working area, occasional vehicle entry and exit situations and pedestrian traffic.


  • For the external dimension, add 203 mm to the width and depth to take into account the supports and hubs.
  • When selecting a containment tray size, a distance of 305 mm should be complied with at the entry or exit point for lowering and lifting the wall.

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