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      Article no.: 231600

      HiPer-Drill base body 1.5×D

      Brand: GARANT
      Through-coolant true
      Use for drilling limited cross-drilling
      Use for drilling limited oblique spot drilling
      Use for drilling limited drilling through a stack
      Drill depth up to 1.5×D
      Skaft ISO 9766
      Use for drilling limited drilling with oblique exit

      HiPer-Drill base body 1.5×D

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      • Very high feed rates and maximum performance due to optimally matched geometries and materials.
      • Precise positioning of the cutter insert due to Vee insert seating and secure clamping by the centre bore.
      • High concentricity when assembled.
      • Shank support for optimum stability in operation.


      For stationary and rotating use. For holes up to IT9 accuracy.


      The insert screw must be replaced after every fifth change of cutter insert.
      Further sizes up to ⌀ 50.99 mm available on request.
      Clamp in a hydraulic chuck (such as No. 302026 size 20) for optimum radial run-out.
      For optimum stability, clamp the drill so the overhang is as short as possible.

      Technical Data

      Drill depth up to
      Use for drilling
      limited cross-drilling ; limited drilling through a stack ; limited drilling with oblique exit ; limited oblique spot drilling 
      ISO 9766