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Item no.: 412815

Digital caliper ABS + accessories set

Brand: HOLEX
Material Stainless steel, INOX
Packaging sturdy box
all parts hardened
Reversible reading mm / inch
Calibration A1
Norm DIN 862
Depth gauge flat
Measured value saving Once-off setting of the zero position

Digital caliper ABS + accessories set

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Set consisting of a digital caliper and accessories set.
  • Digital caliper with absolute scale, no zeroing required. Large high-contrast digital display. The measuring faces are precision-lapped. With sturdy metal casing.
  • Accessories set for digital caliper − permits measurement of recesses, slots and pitches between holes.

Supplied with:

1× digital caliper No. 412821 size 150.
1 battery No. 081560 size CR2032.
1× accessory set No. 412747 size 3.5 consisting of:
2 pairs of contact point carriers short and long.
3 pairs of measuring tips with measuring discs ⌀ 6 mm, ⌀ 10 mm, ⌀ 12.5 mm.
2 pairs of measuring tips with anvil cones ⌀ 9 mm, 60° and ⌀ 12 mm, 60°.
1 pair of measuring tips with measuring cylinders ⌀ 1.5×9 mm.
1× spring system for constant gauging force.
1× hexagon key L-wrench.
1× depth extension base 75 mm.
Supplied in a sturdy plastic box.

Technical Data

Stainless steel, INOX 
sturdy box 
Measurement technology
all parts

Accessories and spare parts