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      Item no.: 567511

      Fabric velour abrasive disc (CER) 125 mm ⌀

      Brand: VSM
      Grinding medium code Ceramic
      Iron, sulphur and chlorine constituents < 0.1
      maximum circumferential speed 40
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      Fabric velour abrasive disc (CER) 125 mm ⌀

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      The back of the disc is covered with velour loops which are self-attaching to hook and loop fastener backing pads, e.g. No. 567760 . For quick disc changing.
      Velour abrasive discs XK870K with sturdy polyester fabric. The self-sharpening ceramic grit with MIT active grinding layer (TOP Size) (TOP Size) ensures a cool and aggressive cut.


      On angle grinders / eccentric grinders with hook and loop fastener pads (dust removal not available). Maximum working speed 40 m/s.
      For grinding all steels, particularly well suited to difficult to machine materials such as stainless steel, nickel alloys, chromium, titanium.


      Suitable hand sanding block for velour grinding disc see No. 567857 size 125 and size150. See No. 566902 − 566950 for velour abrasive discs. For mini grinding systems ⌀ 50 mm and ⌀ 75 mm, see No. 554005 onwards.

      Technical Data

      Iron, sulphur and chlorine constituents
      < 0.1 %
      Grinding media
      Ceramic grit (CER) 
      Grinding medium code
      maximum circumferential speed
      40 m/s

      Application Table

      Alu Mg
      Steel < 900 N/mm²
      Steel < 1400 N/mm²
      Steel < 55 HRC
      Steel < 60 HRC
      Steel < 67 HRC
      Plastic, GRP