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      Item no.: 651240

      IMPACT hexagon socket, 1/2 inch thin-walled, with plastic sleeve

      Brand: Ko-ken
      Square drive 1/2
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      IMPACT hexagon socket, 1/2 inch thin-walled, with plastic sleeve

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      Sturdy shape especially for use with electric or compressed air impact wrenches. With cross hole and snap ring groove for securing sockets. Internal square to DIN 3121.
      For safety reasons must always be secured using a suitable locking pin and O-ring.


      • Smaller ⌀ and perfectly matched overall length of the socket permits working on bolts where access is difficult.
      • Protective sleeve prevents damage to delicate components (such as aluminium rims).
      • Can be positioned while the wrench is running, because the protective sleeve is free-running.
      • Inserts are quickly distinguished colour code.
      • The torsion zone permits the socket to accept high loadings.


      Especially for avoiding damage to delicate components ( such as alloy wheel rims) during assembly.


      DIN 3129


      Chrome molybdenum steel, surface burnished.


      For spare protective sleeves see No. 651242

      Technical Data

      Square drive
      1/2 inch