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      Item no.: 361129

      Gripp top jaw pivoting

      Brand: GARANT
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      Gripp top jaw pivoting

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      For mounting grip inserts No. 361160. For compensation of non-parallel clamping faces. Grip inserts can be screwed into a variety of hole patterns, for secure clamping of various geometries. Type “SG” sintered grip to take Grip inserts No. 361163. Number of inserts size100 = 5 and size 125 = 6. Suitable screws No. 361164_1 and Grip inserts must be ordered separately.

      Suitable for:

      5-axis vice set No. 361100 and clamping module No. 361105 − 361110.

      Supplied with:

      Fastening screws.


      Mounting recommendation on fixed clamping module.
      Matching counter jaw No. 361128.