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      Item no.: 302844

      HiRunER precision ER collet chuck BT 40 A = 100

      Brand: GARANT
      Machining strategy HSC
      Machining strategy HPC
      Shape ADB
      Balance quality G at rotational speed G 2.5 at 25,000 rpm
      Concentricity ≤ 3
      Arbor standard JIS B6339
      Arbor standard ISO 7388-2
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      HiRunER precision ER collet chuck BT 40 A = 100

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      External and internal tapers are ground. All shanks are hard turned for a smooth cutting action. Including Balluffchip bore, high-performance clamping nut (up to 25000 rpm).


      • Excellent concentricity in the system (chuck + collet + clamping nut), 3µm radial run-out with a 2µm collet, 6µm radial run-out with a 5µm collet.
      • Extremely strong holding force (up to factor 2 better than the standard ER chuck).
      • Vibration reduction effect due to 2-part clamping nut.


      For clamping tools with plain shank in collets to DIN 6499 − Form A and B.

      Supplied with:

      Precision clamping nut.

      Optional extras:

      Pull studs (PS) No. 308760 − 308806, PS wrenches No. 308810 − 308830, ER collets No. 308881 − 309434, Fahrion brand ER collets 308901 - 309434, ER clamping wrenches No. 309748 − 309749.


      • Clamps only nominal ⌀ up to shank ⌀ tolerance h 10.
      • Do not use the clamping nut in combination with a sealing washer.
      • Use it in only combination with Fahrion collets.

      Technical Data

      Arbor standard
      JIS B6339 ; ISO 7388-2 
      Balance quality G at rotational speed
      G 2.5 at 25,000 rpm 
      BT 40 A = 100 
      Balluffchip bore
      ≤ 3 µm
      Machining strategy
      HSC ; HPC