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Item no.: P30032

HT chuck with cooling channel bores HSK-A 63 short

Arbor standard DIN 69893
Machining strategy HSC
Concentricity ≤ 3
Machining strategy HPC
Arbor standard ISO 12164-1
Balance quality G at rotational speed G 2.5 at 25,000 rpm
Shape A
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HT chuck with cooling channel bores HSK-A 63 short

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  • Very high total rigidity due to optimised design.
  • With Balluffchip bore.
  • Axial length adjustment available, adjustment travel 10 mm.
  • Flexible due to the use of reducing sleeves.


  • Very high transmitted torque (550 Nm), providing high process reliability.
  • Ideal damping characteristics, resulting in optimum surface finishes, increased tool life and spindle protection.


  • Especially for heavy-duty milling.
  • For clamping tools with shank tolerance h6.

Supplied with:

Hexagon socket drive with T-handle.

Optional extras:

Coolant pipe No. 309880, coolant pipe wrench No. 309890